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June 3, 2009 by daedalao
So, imagine a guy who's only ever wanted to make games.  You might know one, heck, you might know two.  They might even be brothers.  They might even have a few different skillsets that could be used to develop a game.  Now imagine that they're trying to find their niche.  What kind of game to make?  How do they go about this?  Do they start with drawings, or with verbal ideas?

Sure, it may sound easy enough, but is it really that easy?  From ...
February 17, 2009 by daedalao
Dae's review of Evochron Legends.

Now, I'm going to tell you this upfront in case you missed the title, that this REVIEW IS BIASED. I'm not a paid employee of anyone, however the space combat/exploration genre has captured my imagination since I first played Wing Commander. I've never played Elite, so I know that some of you may not agree that this is probably the best space sim since those days in front of your BBC Micro or whatever you played Elite on. Get Evochron Legends if you've liked a...
October 5, 2008 by daedalao
Having grown up through the late eighties and early nineties in a small two bedroom single-wide trailer, shared with my mother, father, two sisters and younger brother I believe I have a unique gaming experience. If it didn’t have more than one player, we just wouldn’t get it. Our father, 57 now, was an avid gamer in the seventies and eighties, and even through today. He’s probably playing GriD as I write this. So, naturally, we had a C64, NES and a Genesis. Every game we had w...